Joseph George and Family

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Welcome to the home of Fullness of Life Ministries. We are about Reaching the Lost and Encouraging the Saints through Prayer, Evangelism, Missions, Preaching/Teaching, Music, Humanitarian Ministries and Church-Planting to the glory of God. The ministry is based on John.10:10 where Jesus said “I am come that they might have life and have life in all its fullness”. That is why the Ministry is called Fullness of Life Ministries.

Praise God for the recent reports of Miracles, Signs and Wonders God did as a result of my visit to India. Please see the slide below:

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Prayer of Deliverance at a Baptist Church in Kharigoda:

Crossing a River to get to the Orphanage in Khandamal:

Praise God for the recent trip to India. People were saved, healed, blessed and revived. See slide below for pictures and visit the Blog page for a full report:

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Celebrating 10 Years of Establishing Fullness of Life Ministries. Praise God:

David’s Mighty Men: the First Three Comic is now available on Amazon. Please click on the image below to buy it from Amazon:

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Featured in the Rhyl Journal Newspaper regarding the Comic. Please click on the picture below to read the full article:

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Abergele Rapper and Coleg Llandrillo chaplain pens Biblical comic David’s Mighty Men: The First Three

You can get a copy of David’s Mighty Men: The First Three Comic by clicking the image below:

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Click the video below to watch the Promo Clip of the Comic: David’s Mighty Men: The First Three

Fullness of Life Ministries just launched a New Brand for the Comic Ministry – DMM Comics. Please watch the video below:

Featured on Tudno FM recently promoting the New Comic – David’s Mighty Men: The First Three

Featured at an Annie’s Orphans Charity concert recently to raise money for the Building of a school in Burundi. Visit http://www.anniesonline.org.uk to donate:

Charity Concert 1
At an Annies Orphans Charity Concert
Charity concert 2
At the Charity Concert

Sister Alima, who had been married for 8 years without children attended one of our meetings in Cameroon and laid hands on her womb when we prayed for healing. God answered and she’s now 6 months pregnant, got saved as a result of the miracle and is about to be baptised. Here she is below, a year on with the Miracle Baby:

Sister Lydie, a year on after being healed of HIV Aids by God through Fullness of Life Ministries outreach in Cameroon last year:

Fullness of Life Ministries is now a UK Registered Charity. Praise God!!!!!

Happy New Year from Fullness of Life Ministries. 2019 is the Year of the Next Level. Click the video below for the Prophetic Word for 2019:

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                Featured at a College Open Mic Recently:

         Featured at Some School Assemblies recently:

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Joseph George was born in Plaistow, East London on 29/04/73. My full name is Joseph Jaiyeola Babajide George. My parents took me to Nigeria when I was two. I was brought up by my grandmum after my parent's divorce when I was five. My grandmum used to take us to church occasionally for Christmas, Easter, Christenings and Special events. So I grew up believing in God. A film entitled 'King of Kings' also made a remarkable impact on me as a child. Reading a compilation about the accomplishments of British missionaries in Africa also made a huge impression on me as a child. When I was eleven, some cousins came to Nigeria from Northampton, England and told us about the need to be Born-again and told us it wasn't enough believing Jesus but we had to invite Him to be personal Lord and Saviour. I asked Jesus into my heart and got filled with the Holy-Ghost. This was however just before I went to school. So on getting to school, I backslid because I wanted to be one of the guys and being a Christian wasn't looked upon as being cool. In my teens, I went on and off to a Church called Scripture Pasture Christian Centre - an Independent Charismatic church. On the 24th of January 1989, I went to church casually one sunday. One of the Elders was preaching. He preached about the cross and what Jesus had suffered for me. This message challenged me profoundly but I did not respond to the altar call. I was challenged about the double life I was living. If Christ was willing to give His all why was I holding back and not wanting to give my all. A few weeks later, another friend challenged me in school using Rev.3v15 to confront me about not being hot or cold but being Lukewarm. So I made to choice to live all out for Christ, joined the Christian Union and became an active member of Scripture Pasture Christian Centre. After my Baptism in water, my christian Life took off. I later went on to one of the Helpers in Church. I flew to the United Kingdom in 1992 and became a member of a church called Universal Pentecostal Church. I later became a Sunday School teacher in the church. I went to Bangor University to study Banking, Insurance and Finance. I was an active member of the Christian Union and I went on to be Treasurer between 1997-1998. After University, I started working for the Assemblies of God church in Bangor as a Student Worker between 1998-2008. It was my spell at Bangor A.O.G that sharpened me in Missions, Evangelism, Preaching, Teaching, Using gifts of the Spirit and taking part in o