Humanitarian Ministries

Fullness of Life Ministries is in partnership with Ministries that provide practical and missional assistance in various areas and numerous ways. They are ministries that Specialise in Orphanages, Feeding Programmes, Education Provision, Church-Planting, Village Evangelism, Leadership Training and Relief Outreach to disaster victims in needy areas.

Fullness of Life Ministries supports the Following Ministries Overseas in various ways listed. Here is an overview of our Mission Partners below:


Fullness of Life Ministries supports Pastor Guy of Christian Faith Missionary Chapel International of Cameroon. Pastor Guy is married to Maguerite and they have 5 children called Othniel, Shekina, Phanuel, Bella and Mercy. The Family have also taken in a Young Mother called Merveille and her daughter called Ketia and they are both included in the picture top left.

The Ministry in Cameroon includes Education Support, Prison Ministry, Outreach to Orphans and the Destitute, Care for Young Mothers and their Children and Provision of Clean Water for the Community. Pastor Guy also speaks at Churches and Venues Nationally in Cameroon and Internationally in Countries like Gabon and Chad

Fullness of Life Ministries has been supporting the work in Cameroon since 2018


Fullness of Life Ministries also supports Pastor Chris Surya who is a Missionary Evangelist based in Odisha, India. He is married to Sasmita and they have three children called Gloria, Johnson and Gracia.  Pastor Chris’ Ministry includes Gospel Tract Outreach to unreached villages. His recent outreach included 60 Pastors coming together to give out over 300 Gospel Tracts. He also co-ordinates large Prayer Meetings, Pastoral Training which recently included 57 Pastors, Church Planting, Children’s Ministry and he also oversees an Orphanage. Fullness of Life Ministries has been supporting Pastor Chris since 2019.

Fullness of Life Ministries also supports Akash Surya and his family based in Odisha, India. Akash is Pastor Chris’ brother. He is married to Smita and they have a daughter called Alpha. Fullness of Life Ministries helped to pay for Akash’s Masters of Theology at  Union Biblical Seminary and helping his wife Smita through her Nursing Degree at Gajapati Nursing College, Odisha. Fullness of Life Ministries has been supporting Akash since 2020.

The Phillipines

Pastor Lolita and Pastor Mado Medina are the Pastors of Living Temple of God Ministries, Koronadal City, South Cotobato in the Philippines. They have planted over 17 churches in the unreached villages of the Philippines. Apart from Church Planting, they also engage in Evangelistic Outreaches, Education Support, Feeding Programmes, Bible School Training Programmes and Pastoral Training. Fullness of Life Ministries has been supporting the ministry in the Philippines since 2016.


Pastor Joseph Mugwanya

Pastor Joseph Mugwanya is the Senior Pastor of Rhema Community Church, Kayanya, Uganda. The church is a vibrant, lively and outward looking church. Their Ministries include Street Evangelism, Prayer, Deliverance, Leadership Development and Missions into neighbouring Nations like Kenya and Tanzania. Pastor Joseph also oversees a Church Plant and an orphanage for children in Kakiri which is a village 25 kilometres away. Fullness of Life Ministries started supporting the work in Uganda in 2022.

  • Outreach Meetings
  • Practical Outreach
  • Evangelistic Meetings
  • Orphanages
  • Believers Fellowship
  • Bible school students

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