History & Achievements

Fullness of Life Ministries is a Christian Charity founded by Joseph George that uses the creative industries to carry out Humanitarian efforts across the World among many other services. The Ministry is based around Rapping, Speaking and Writing. This has led to the production of 4 Music E.Ps { Signs of the Last days (2001), It’s Coming (2003), Breakthru is coming @ U (2009) } Super-Hero E.P (2017) and 2 albums { Time for Revival (2005) and Breakthru: The Next Level (2011). The Ministry has also published a book called Rap with a Mission published in 2016 and the business produced a comic called David’s Mighty Men: The First Three published on the 10th of April 2019, a Devotional called Pause: Think About This and a Comic called David’s Mighty Men: Abishai & Benaiah.

Fullness of Life Ministries grew out of the Christian Rap Music Business of performing under the stage name of Joey.G which started off the back of a Test-Marketing grant from the Prince’s Trust in the year 2000 to embark on producing a Music E.P. The values of Fullness of Life Ministries are integrity, excellence, making a difference and making the world a better place. Before the organisation became a charity in January of 2019, a considerable percentage of the earnings from the music went into charitable ventures in developing nations such as orphanages, education, feeding programmes and disaster relief. One of the objectives of the Charity is to alleviate poverty in developing nations and assist in the progress and improvement of their standard of living. The Charity supports Ministries and Communities in Cameroon, Philippines and India. The Charity is a Registered U.K Charity and its number is 1181621. Below are some Ministry Highlights and Achievements


Using the gift of Music through Christian Rap to communicate the Gospel by God’s grace, Joey.G has featured in pubs, clubs, workshops, Fun-days, festivals, schools, colleges, churches, youth events, celebrations, functions, camps, evangelistic outreaches, missions, radio, newspapers, magazines and television.


Super-Hero E.P 2017

Breakthru – The Next Level – Album – 2011

Breakthrough is Coming @ U – E.P 2009

Time for Revival – Album – 2005

It’s Coming – E.P – 2003

Signs of the Last Days E.P – 2001


  • Baysideradio, Colwyn Bay – May 2022, David’s Mighty Men: Abishai & Benaiah Comic Promotion
  • Baysideradio, Colwyn Bay – March 2022, Interviewed as Pastor of a New Church Plant called Bodelwyddan Chapel
  • Baysideradio, Colwyn Bay – February 2021, Pause Devotional Promotion
  • Charitable Radio, London – May 2020, Fullness of Life Ministries Promotion
  • Tudno FM, Llandudno – May 2019, Comic Promotion
  • KRXM Radio, Colorado Springs, United States – September 2018,  Super-Hero E.P Promotion.
  • Artist First Radio, Seattle, United States – July 2017, Super-Hero E.P Promotion
  • One 9Ja Radio, Manchester – October 2014 and January 2015 – Radio interview
  • Hope Radio, Old Colwyn – September 2013-July 2014 – Joey.G Hip-Hop show as a Radio Presenter
  • Tudno FM, Llandudno – November 2010, 2011, 2012, April 2019 – Radio Interview
  • Radio Cardiff – February 2010 –  ‘Breakthrough is Coming at U’ E.P Promotion
  • Storm FM, Bangor – May 2007 – Studio Performance
  • BBC Radio Cornwall – September 2006 –  Love Cornwall Mission Promotion
  • Premier Radio, London – September 2006 – Love Cornwall Mission Promotion
  •  Ysbyty Gwynedd – June 2005 –  Time for Revival Album Promotion

Television Appearances

BBC Songs of Praise – September 2018

Trinity Broadcast Network – February 2013

No Bling TV – November 2009

Revelation TV – March 2007

God TV – June 2006

International Missions

India – August 2019

Cameroon – February 2018

Phillipines – February 2016

Hungary – July 2015

Philippines – February 2012

Spain – June 2011

Germany – July 2008

Costa-Rica – October 2007

Russia – July 2006

Scotland – May 2006

Northern Ireland – August 2005

Kenya – July 2005

Hungary – April 2005

Romania – August 2004

Hungary – July 2004

Albania – September 2003

Hungary – July 2003

Romania – August 2002

Nigeria – July 2002

India – May 2002

India – May 2001

France – May 1992


David’s Mighty Men: Abishai & Benaiah published April 20th, 2022

Pause: Think about This Devotional published 10th of October 2020

David’s Mighty Men: The First Three published April 2019

Rap with a Mission: How Rap & Hip-Hop can be used in Missions & Evangelism published in June 2016


Fullness of Life Ministries has supported Orphans, Widows, Street Kids, Pastors, Ministry Trainees and families in Romania, Russia, Kenya, Pakistan, India, Cameroon, Philippines and Nigeria.

Fullness of Life Ministries became a Registered Charity (No.1181621) with the U.K Charity Commission on the 18th of January 2019 with the aim of advancing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ at home and abroad and alleviating poverty in developing nations.

As such, the Ministry now supports Ministers, Families, Orphans, Widows and Bible School Students mainly in Cameroon, Philippines and India


Fullness of Life Ministries has established different brands for the products of the Ministry that is used to finance the Humanitarian Efforts of the Ministry:

FLM Publications – Book Brand established in 2020 for the Ministry’s Publications (https://www.amazon.com/author/flm.publications)

DMM (David’s Mighty Men) Comics – Comic Brand established in 2019 (https://www.facebook.com/dmmcomics)

A4J (All for Jesus) Records – Record Label established in 2011 for the Music productions – https://www.facebook.com/A4JRecords


FLM Radio – Established in 2021 to broadcast the Ministry’s Podcasts – https://www.anchor.fm/FLMRadio

FLMTV – YouTube Channel established in 2016 to broadcast videos of the Ministry – https://www.youtube.com/FullnessofLifeMinistriesTV

Joey.G Radio – Radio station on Jango Radio in 2011 featuring Joey.G Music and Mainstream Artists – https://www.jango.music/Joey+G

Joey.G TV – YouTube Channel established in 2008 to broadcast the Music Videos of the Ministry