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Welcome to the home of Fullness of Life Ministries. We are about Reaching the Lost and Encouraging the Saints through Prayer, Evangelism, Missions, Preaching/Teaching, Music, Humanitarian Ministries and Church-Planting to the glory of God. The ministry is based on John.10:10 where Jesus said “I am come that they might have life and have life in all its fullness”. That is why the Ministry is called Fullness of Life Ministries.

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Pause: Think about This’ is available now!! This new Youth Devotional written by Joseph George is designed to engage with young people and current issues important to them such as Media, Technology, Globalisation, Friendships and Relationships. This devotional seeks to make Christ, the Gospel and the Bible relevant to the Every-Day life of the Young Person.

Promotional Video for the Pause Devotional:

Each copy of the Devotional is available at £2.99 each. You can get 10 copies at £25.
20 copies at £55.
50 copies at £145 and 100 copies at £280.
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Message on Miracles in the Life of Elisha:

Joey.G Music is available everywhere:

Celebrating 11 Years of Launching Fullness of Life Ministries:

Preaching on Phil.3:10-21

Preaching on Phil.1:11-20

Kinmel Bay Church Daily Vlog – Acts 13

Kinmel Bay Church Daily Vlog – Acts 5

A Timely Word:

Persistent Prayer Vlog:


Pictures from a recent Open Mic Event organised by Tape Music to maximize potential through the Creative Arts and Media:

The Music Therapy Session with Students and Nursing Home Residents gets a mention in the North Wales Pioneer.Click on the image below to read Newspaper Article:

Rap Workshop at Music Therary Session

Happy New Year from Fullness of Life Ministries. 2020 is the Year of Expansion. Click the video below for the Prophetic Word for 2020:

Delivering a Rap Workshop at a recent Music Therapy Session in an Inter-Generational Setting:

Rap Workshop November 2019

At a recent African Child Trust Charity Concert  :

ACT Charity Concert

Praise God for the recent reports of Miracles, Signs and Wonders God did as a result of my visit to India. Please see the slide below:

Prayer of Deliverance at a Baptist Church in Kharigoda:

Crossing a River to get to the Orphanage in Khandamal:

Praise God for the recent trip to India. People were saved, healed, blessed and revived. See slide below for pictures and visit the Blog page for a full report:

David’s Mighty Men: the First Three Comic is now available on Amazon. Please click on the image below to buy it from Amazon:

front page 3

You can get a copy of David’s Mighty Men: The First Three Comic by clicking the image below:

front page 3

Click the video below to watch the Promo Clip of the Comic: David’s Mighty Men: The First Three

Fullness of Life Ministries just launched a New Brand for the Comic Ministry – DMM Comics. Please watch the video below:

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