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Music Therapy Session for Students and Nursing Home Residents gets a mention in the North Wales Pioneer. Click on the image below to read article:

Rap Workshop at Music Therary Session

Check out my session with DJ Thruvo and Ambience on the Rachet or Rational Show on KRXM Radio:

Rapping at Spree Young people’s Camp in Camarthen, South Wales:

Spree 2018

Check out my interview with Z-Man of Artist First World Radio regarding My Super-Hero E.P by clicking on the image below:

life to the max

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Joey.G | Super-Hero - EP

Super-Hero E.P is out Now!!! Click on the video below for a preview and visit our Store to get a copy:

Using the gift of Music to communicate the Gospel by God’s grace in pubs, clubs, workshops, Fun-days, festivals, schools, colleges, churches, youth events, celebrations, functions, camps, evangelistic outreaches, missions, radio, newspapers, magazines and television.

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